barley broth

barley broth
dialect Britain : barley-bree

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  • Barley-bree — Bar ley bree ( br[=e] ), n. [Lit. barley broth. See {Brew}.] Liquor made from barley; strong ale. [Humorous] [Scot.] Burns. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Broth — Broth, n. [AS. bro[eth]; akin to OHG. brod, brot; cf. Ir. broth, Gael. brot. [root]93. Cf. {Brewis}, {Brew}.] Liquid in which flesh (and sometimes other substances, as barley or rice) has been boiled; thin or simple soup. [1913 Webster] I am sure …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • -broth — noun (Scot) ▪ Strong ale ▪ Whisky ● barley …   Useful english dictionary

  • Broth — This article is about the food. For the microbial nutrient broth, see growth medium. A bowl of broth. Broth is a liquid food preparation, typically consisting of either water or an already flavored stock, in which bones, meat, fish, cereal grains …   Wikipedia

  • Barley — For other uses, see Barley (disambiguation). Barley Barley field …   Wikipedia

  • broth — brothy, adj. /brawth, broth/, n. 1. thin soup of concentrated meat or fish stock. 2. water that has been boiled with meat, fish, vegetables, or barley. 3. Bacteriol. a liquid medium containing nutrients suitable for culturing microorganisms. 4.… …   Universalium

  • barley water — noun used to feed infants • Hypernyms: ↑broth * * * ˈbarley water [barley water] noun uncountable (BrE …   Useful english dictionary

  • broth — noun a) Water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled. b) A soup made from broth and other ingredients such as vegetables, herbs or diced meat. Syn: bouillon, stock, liquor, pot liquor …   Wiktionary

  • broth — noun 1》 a thin soup of meat or vegetable stock, sometimes thickened with barley or other cereals.     ↘meat or fish stock. 2》 Microbiology a liquid nutrient medium for the culture of bacteria. Phrases a broth of a boy Irish a very lively boy or… …   English new terms dictionary

  • broth — /brɒθ / (say broth) noun 1. thin soup of concentrated meat or fish stock. 2. a decoction of water in which meat or fish has been boiled, with vegetables or barley added. {Middle English and Old English. Compare brew} …  

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